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Nine Ways to Simplify Your Financial Life
1. Use Direct Deposit. Direct Deposit is safer, easier and more convenient than getting a paper check in the mail and then having to deposit it into your bank account. You will also have access to your money sooner by using direct deposit.

2. Automate Recurring Bills. Many companies will allow you to pay recurring bills with an automatic withdrawal from your checking account or through a charge to your credit card. However, be sure to record these transactions in your check register to avoid overdrawing your account. And if you charge the bills to a credit card, pay the balance in full by the due date ot avoid interest charges. Most banks also offer online bill-paying services that allow you to pay bills quickly and easily.

3. Explore Online Banking. This service allows you to review deposits and withdrawals, keep track of your balance, and move funds between, say, your checking and savings accounts-at your convenience.

4. Put Some Savings On Autopilot. Arrange with your bank or employer to automatically transfer a certain amount into savings or investment accounts on a regular schedule.

5. Consider Consolidating Accounts. You may be able to simplify your finances, reduce mail and paperwork, avoid certain fees and even get better deals by consolidating multiple accounts.

6.Look Into Automated Money-Management Tools. These programs can help you organize your finances, understand how you spend your money, and spot a potential fraud or theft (by providing a regular summary of account balances).

7.Update Your Will And Other Legal Documents. Make sure your family knows where to find them in an emergency.

8. Get Your Other Papers Under Control. Even if you rely on technology, it's difficult to go completely paperless. Start with a central filing system at home for your bank, tax, insurance and other financial records. Also designate one place for gathering bills.

9. Don't Let A Disaster Catch You Off Guard. If an emergency were to occur and you had only a few moments to evacuate your home, perhaps for several days or weeks, would you have access to cash, banking services and the personal identification you need to conduct your day-to-day financial life?

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