Does Your Trust and Will Accomplish What You Want?

Monday, Aug 23, 2021

Do you have a will and a complete estate plan? If you do, will it accomplish what you intended it to?

If you do not have an estate plan, learn more about the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the goals and desires for your family’s financial future are in place by visiting with your trust officer and attorney. A well-prepared estate plan will:

  • Ease the transfer of your wealth to your loved ones.
  • Avoid probate and maintain privacy.
  • Provide for your family’s financial security.
  • Provide for the care of children with special needs.
  • Fulfill charitable giving desires.
  • Minimize estate and transfer taxes.

If you do have an estate plan, your work is not complete. Life changes so be sure to review your estate plan regularly to ensure it continues to effectively meet your goals. You have worked hard for what you have. Make it your goal to establish an estate plan to be sure those assets go where you want.

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