Privacy Policy

Since 1975, Kirkwood Bank & Trust has been dedicated to your account and information security. We work diligently to keep the information you provide to us in the strictest of confidence.

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Browsing our Site
When you visit our website to view any pages, read product information, or use our online calculators and tools, you do so without telling us who you are and without revealing any personal information. While we do not collect identifying information about visitors to our site, we do use standard software to collect information for the strict purpose of tracking activity on our site. This allows us to better understand how many people use our site and which pages and features are most popular. To evaluate the usefulness of our site, we may gather and analyze data regarding usage such as:

• The name of your Internet Service Provider
• The website that referred you to us (if any)
• The date and time the pages were accessed
• The page or pages you requested.

About “Cookies”
To provide better service and a more effective website, we use “cookies” as part of our interaction with your browser. A “cookie” is a small text file placed on your hard drive by our webpage server. We do not use cookies to get data from your hard drive or to get your email address or personal identifying information. Cookies are commonly used on websites and do not harm your system. By configuring your preferences or options in your browser, you determine if and how a cookie will be accepted. We use cookies to determine if you have previously visited our website and for a number of administrative purposes.

How We Handle Email
When you send us an email to comment on something or to ask a question, we will use your email address to reply to you and for a limited time we will store your email address, your message and our response for quality assurance. We may also do this to meet legal and regulatory requirements. If we collect your email address in this manner, we will not use it to let you know about our products and services unless you have given us permission. This information is not given or sold to any other organization.

Email Security 
Regular non-encrypted Internet email is not secure. In the instances where our Internet email addresses are provided, these are provided for information inquiries of a non-sensitive and non-confidential nature. Email you send us may not be secure unless we advise you that it is secure prior to transmitting your message. Therefore, we recommend that you not send us confidential information such as social security or account numbers via unsecured email. You may also contact us by phone, U.S. mail or by visiting one of our locations.

Online Banking Security
When you bank online with us, we, along with the outside companies we work with to bring these services to you, have access to your information. Information is retained on our system or the system of the appropriate outside company, depending on what is required in order to serve you.

We use state-of-the-art Internet technology, supported by the outside companies we work with, to make online banking secure and to protect your personal information. We also require an I.D. and Password or PIN to access your accounts. If you do not provide this information, we cannot establish an online banking service for you.

You can also help safeguard your personal information by taking a few simple precautions. Protect your account, PIN, and customer access numbers. Do not share your I.D. or Password with anyone. Change your Password regularly, and remember to sign off. Never disclose confidential information to unknown callers. When banking on the Internet, be sure to use a secure browser and current virus detection software, and never open email from unknown sources.

Protecting Your Privacy Online 
Whenever we ask for personal information on our website, we use Transport Layer Security (TLS technology) for transferring data. This technology encrypts – or scrambles – your account information so it is nearly impossible to read by anyone other than employees at our bank.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) technology secretly encodes information that is being sent over the Internet between your computer and our Bank, helping to ensure that the information remains confidential.
The use of TLS requires that you have a TLS compatible browser. While older browser versions may support TLS sessions, we strongly recommend the following browsers.

Windows operating systems: Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome

Mac OS X: Apple Safari 10 or higher, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome

Protecting Your Children 
Our website is not targeted or marketed to children under the age of thirteen. We respect the privacy of your children, and we comply with the practices established under the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. We do not knowingly collect or retain personally identifiable information from consumers under the age of thirteen.Thank you for viewing our privacy statement.